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Hello, this is me. 
waves Planetarium reflections
final crit model in sunrise. 
#thexx live in Singapore 2 August 2013
#thexx live in Singapore 2 August 2013
#thexx live in Singapore 2 August 2013
oliver taking a swig while talking to the crowd. #thexx live in Singapore 2 August 2013
#thexx live in Singapore 2 August 2013

It rained after a dry spell. I  haven’t recorded an improv in a long time, but here’s one for the rain that woke me up this morning. Bliss. Let it play in the background, or bathroom - I decided against putting in too much reverb but playing this in the bathroom creates awesome overtones.

Lucis et Aquae

Footage from Sungei Buloh, Singapore.

Music and video by GUINVR.

Stills from 雨 / / y u

In appreciation of rain

An ode to the sea, featuring a narration of T.S. Eliot’s The Dry Salvages, accompanied by music and lyrics written by me.  Read more about the making-of here.

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Hi there. I'm a cranky old soul who likes to dabble in music, photography, writing and art; and occasionally share the outcomes on this tumblr. I'm also a student of Architecture, hoping to work in film in the future. All content on this blog is created by me.

I'm also an editor for the Architecture tag on tumblr, you can view my architecture-related posts on Archistudent and Concrete Utopias

My other blogs:

ArchiStudent (Architecture school life), Guinbot (Fandoms), Thistle & Spine (Fashion), Alquinae (Astronomy), Concrete Utopias (Architecture)

My portfolio of mixed-media artworks are here

You might like to follow me on Twitter, Youtube and Livejournal.


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